The Worship and Fine Arts Department under the leadership of Pastor Nicole Hill is comprised of choir, concerts, dance, frontline worship team, sound, lighting, and worship band. Our goal is to engage all of our senses towards a richer and deeper expression of our love for God in an atmosphere charged with His Shekinah Glory.


The anointing of God is evident within the Frontline worship team which consists of individuals with vocal talents and skill levels from various musical genres. Our worship band is comprised of classically trained and self-taught volunteer musicians who give their time in service each week.


The choir utilizes the giftings of children and adults for an array of musical styles to enrich the worship experience.


Choreographer Angela Arter lends her talent and anointed gifts each week in developing dance routines that are a blessing to God’s people. The dancers who come from diverse backgrounds and skill sets meet weekly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Sound and Lighting

Our sound and lighting ministry utilizes volunteers who use their God-given talents to create an ambient atmosphere that prepares our hearts and minds for worship and welcomes the Holy Spirit into our services.