About Us

In the Sheffield Media Ministries, we serve the main Congregation by providing the following “on-screen” functions: Worship Song Lyrics, Informational Slideshows (between services and during offering times), Ministry Announcements Videos, Sermon support Scriptures, and “I-Mag” – or the magnification of the people on the platform, so that all seats on the sanctuary can have good visual connection with the platform ministries.

We also Live Stream all Church services on live.sflc.net, as well as post recorded services at services.sflc.net

All Media Ministry positions are considered Adult Ministry positions. All Workers are required to be at least 18 years old, and have reliable transportation to fulfill their scheduled work times.

In the Media Ministries, we take our work seriously… as our efforts can either enhance, or distract from the Church Service taking place in the main Sanctuary… and we do not want to distract when God is speaking to people’s hearts.

Available Volunteer Positions

Technical Director – This is the most challenging volunteer position. This person is responsible for managing/directing all robotic camera shots, and deciding which is directed to the DVD recording and our Live Streaming webcast. This position requires substantial previous Camera Operator experience (see below), as well as more extensive training. This position is somewhat a “leadership” role, as he/she is responsible for making the final call on what cameras get used for the recordings and live streaming.

Primary Computer Operator – Responsible for “on-screen” projection switching – which means to select what Camera image is shown on the sanctuary big screens. Additionally, this person is responsible for showing the Song Lyrics, Slide Shows, and Scriptures on the big screens. We utilize the software called “Song Show Plus”, which combines all possible aspects of Worship software, into one simple to use package. In order to make things run smoother, we request that on a given Sunday, the same person fills this position for both morning services.

Backup Computer Operator – Normal responsibility is to run Media Duplication, and Live Streaming. Also may be called on to fill-in if the Primary Computer Operator is unable to fulfill their position, or needs help.

Sound Operator – Runs our Digital Sound Console to “mix” audio for the CD/DVD Recordings, as well as Live Streaming. For Sunday mornings, we prefer to have the same Sound Operator serve in both services, but arrangements can be made to “switch out” with other Sound Operators when necessary.

Camera Operators – The Media Ministry “Camera Crew” is responsible for operating the Robotic Video Cameras. This is a simple “joystick” operation, and can be picked-up pretty quickly… no previous experience required. We currently utilize five (5) Camera Operator positions with three of these controlling a single “primary” camera, the others may be controlling between 1 and 3 cameras, depending on the service requirements. Although the Camera Control stations are designed for right-handed usage, we have “lefties” do well also.