What can you do to make a difference?

Opportunities to Serve

We have many areas of ministry at Sheffield Family Life Center, and none of them are possible without the help of those that call this house their home. We need passionate, dedicated people to see that our mission to serve the community and those around us is fulfilled by volunteering to serve.

The first step to becoming a servant volunteer is to complete our Membership 101 class. Please click on this link for more information on the Membership 101 class: Membership-101.

You can download the forms to become a volunteer here

Below is a current list of areas that need your help to ensure that the work of the house is completed. Please click on the link provided or contact the ministry by using the information listed below.

Front Door

Altar Workers

Our Altar Workers are called on nearly every service when the invitation is given for those who do not know the Lord to come to the altar for prayer. Altar workers pray with people to encourage them, always with the goal to lead them to the Lord. Altar workers are a caring, compassionate, and patient people whom God has called to provide a very crucial ministry to hurting individuals. Training is provided for volunteers in this ministry.


The Greeter Ministry is a team of individuals who will be the first smile people see when they come to SFLC. Our Greeters also are here to help guide people to the locations they need such as the nursery, children’s service, classrooms, etc. Our goal is to reflect the love of Jesus to each and every person who comes through the church doors and make them feel welcomed. We are a team of servants inviting the tired and hopeful into God’s love, grace, and embrace and we always convey the message, “Welcome to Sheffield!”


Our ushers provide an important service during each service. Not only do they help people find a seat, but they are often called upon to hand out information during and after service, and are the servants that facilitate our offering time. This is a dedicated and highly trustworthy group of individuals that God has called to provide a vital ministry at every service.

Visitor’s Center

Visitors are recognized during each service and are invited to visit our Visitor’s Center after our Sunday services. The goal of our Visitor’s Center workers is to welcome visitors with love and encouragement to let them know that they are somewhere where they belong and are welcomed. In addition, they are available to answer any questions that visitors may have and provide them information on our ministries. The volunteers in this ministry provide a vital ministry to serve our visitors in such a way as to leave them with the desire to return to Sheffield and make this their church home.

Watchmen on the Wall

Our Mission is to safeguard SFLC, our visitors, and the facilities during the course of, and in conjunction with, sanctioned worship services, events, and activities. Our Watchmen are always ready to assist church parishioners in any situation, including: emergency circumstances; and in areas of fire safety; loss; accident prevention; facility security monitoring; and parking supervision during church events and services. These dedicated volunteers are the eyes and ears of SFLC and are responsible for providing a safe and tranquil environment in which to worship.


Technical Director

This is the most challenging volunteer position. This person is responsible for managing/directing all robotic camera shots, and deciding which is directed to the DVD recording. This position requires substantial previous Camera Operator experience (see below), as well as more extensive training. This position is somewhat a “leadership” role, as he/she is responsible for making the final call on what cameras get used for the recordings and live streaming.

Primary Computer Operator

Responsible for “on-screen” projection switching – which means to select what Camera image is shown on the sanctuary big screens. Additionally, this person is responsible for showing the Song Lyrics, Slide Shows, and Scriptures on the big screens. We utilize the software called “Song Show Plus”, which combines all possible aspects of Worship software, into one simple to use package. In order to make things run smoother, we request that on a given Sunday, the same person fills this position for both morning services.

Backup Computer Operator

Normal responsibility is to run Media Duplication, and Live Streaming. Also may be called on to fill-in if the Primary Computer Operator is unable to fulfill their position, or need help.

Sound Operator

Runs our Digital Sound Console to “mix” audio for the CD/DVD Recordings, as well as Live Streaming. For Sunday mornings, we prefer to have the same Sound Operator serve in both services, but arrangements can be made to “switch out” with other Sound Operators when necessary.
Camera Operators – This group of five people are responsible for operating the Robotic Video Cameras. This is a simple “joystick” operation, and can be picked-up pretty quickly, with no experience at all. We currently utilize five (5) Camera Operator positions with three of these controlling a single “primary” camera, the others may be controlling between 1 and 3 cameras, depending on the service requirements. Although the Camera Control stations are designed for right-handed usage, we have hand “lefties” do well also.

If you need more information about any of the above ministry opportunities, please email Pat or call her at the church office at 816-241-4831 ext. 7131